Spy Products and Gadgets are only for legal and ethical use. The buyer should check the state and country laws before using spy gadgets or also consult with the legal consultant and lawyer. You should follow your state laws regarding the use of spy devices. By purchasing spy gadgets and products from our website the buyer takes the complete responsibility for making sure that you use these products only for legal purpose. In the failure condition, it may outcome in different penalties and criminal case. Spy Gadgets such as spy cameras, stun guns, audio devices, mobile phone jammers are only used for the purpose of security and safety. We are sale our spy equipment and security gadgets only for the lawful manner. You can’t use our security gadgets for illegal purpose. It is the responsibility of the buyers that they must use spy gadgets for the legal purpose only. You must follow the state and national laws for the use of spy and security gadgets. The items listed on our website are only for legal use. By placing an order you must agree for the legal use of the product and if you use the product for the illegal purpose such as stun gun, spy cameras, audio devices, single jammer, signal booster, and other spy equipment then only you are responsible.


Spy Camera Disclaimer:


  • Spy Camera is useful only for child monitoring, employee monitoring or surveillance purpose.

  • The use of these hidden recording cameras for spying someone is completely illegal or against law.

  • Our Company deals in spy camera and security equipment only for the legal purpose.

  • The spy cameras and surveillance equipment should be used in a legal manner.

  • If the buyer use spy camera or surveillance equipment for the illegal manner then only he or she is responsible for them.

  • Our Company and Director is not responsible for any illegal use of spy camera or security equipment.


Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Disclaimer:


Spy Bluetooth Earpiece is the two-way secret communication devices for professional objective goal.

The device has been provided by us for the legal or lawful manner use.

If you use Hidden Spy Earpiece for any illegal activity or unlawful manner then only you are responsible for them.


Stun Gun Disclaimer:


Stun Gun is the self-defense device. Therefore, make sure you are using this device only for security or legal manner purpose.

Please be sure you accept all laws and rules related to the use of Stun Gun in India.

Only you are responsible for the illegal use of stun gun.

The product is not responsible for the death of a person. It only causes temporary injuries.

Please Avoid the Use of Stun Gun in these areas of the body:

  • Face

  • Eyes

  • Head

  • Throat

  • Chest area near the heart

  • Breast

  • Groin

  • Genitals


Signal Jammer Disclaimer:


Signal Jammer is the network jamming device. The use of this device is legal only for the Governmental or Private Organization for the legal manner.

You can’t jam the signal at any public place. Jamming Signals at any public place with the illegal manner is against law and only you are responsible for the illegal use of the signal jamming device.

Jammers are mainly used in Educational Institutes, Conference Halls, Meeting Halls, and Working Areas, etc. Therefore, be careful with any unethical use of signal jammer.


Spy Software Disclaimer:


Spy Software is the cell phone monitoring software for those parents who want to keep an eye on the activity of the child. Parents are always wanted to secure their child from social media crimes and that’s why they want to control the phone activity of the kids. An employer who wishes to control or spy on the employee’s activity on the Smartphone provided by the company can also installs spy software in employees professional phone.

The installation of spy software in spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or any 18+ person phone to spy on them is illegal. This is against of personal rights of a person according to law. If you are using the spy software for any illegal manner then only you are responsible for them. You should agree with all terms and conditions before purchasing spy software.


Spy Audio Devices Disclaimer:


Spy Audio Devices are devices for the secret recording. These devices are useful for the law agencies, detective agents, media professionals and secret detectives. Make sure you are using spy audio recorders only for the legal and lawful manner; otherwise you will be punished by the criminal agencies. Our company is not responsible for any unethical use of spy audio recording devices.