Cancellation, Return, Refund and Warranty

Cancellation, Return, Refund and Warranty:


  1. In the return policy, we never refund the amount of any client on the purchase of any product in any circumstances. In other words, we never accept the return of any purchase.

  2. You can replace the product in case of any manufacturing defect but we never refund the amount.

  3. The replace will be accepted only on a genuine reason. If the company analyzed your replace reasons is not genuine then we not accept your return.

  4. You should submit replace application with valid reasons within 24 hours after receiving order. After 24 hours we not accept your return request.

  5. If we receive a physically damaged product for replacement, then our company will not be allowed for the replace.

  6. We have not the facility of pickup of replacement the item. Therefore, you should ship replace the item on your own behalf.

  7. Cancellation of an order is not allowed after shipping of the product.

  8. The warranty for every product comes in the range of 30-days to one year. The warranty may vary on the different product models.