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Police Stun Baton With Flashlight

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1. Source voltage       -  2,600,000 Volts 

2. Rechargeable         - Yes

3. Size                        -  36 cm x 5 cm

4. Built-In Flashlight   - Yes

5. Color                      - Black


NOTE: PLEASE CHARGE STUN GUN FOR 3 to 5 HOURS when you receive it. It will not operate properly until fully charged. It should be charged 2 - 3 times per month


Very High Voltage Shock (Non Lethal – NO PERMANENT DAMAGE or INJURY)


Sufficient power shocks of 1-2 seconds are enough to stun an attacker







What is Police Stun Baton with Built-in Torch Function?
Police Stun Baton with built in torch function comes with 120DB Siren Built-In-Charger. The Safety Pin plus Double Shock Feature also consist. Police Stun Baton is an excellent new self-defense heavy duty baton to keep in your car for anti smash and grab, ideal to keep next to your bed at night for self-defense. The device is more quality, power, and durability with the voltage of 2,600,000 Volts.


Features of Police Stun Baton:
The Device is built in bright torch. This device is a bit larger than the other stun guns and it is usually termed as stun baton which can be kept in a scooter or a car and if any problem arises while travelling alone then can be your survivor which will make everybody who comes near you to fall to the ground as their muscles will stop reacting to them for a brief period of time which will be enough for you to go to a safe place.


Use of Police Stun Baton:
A Police Stun Baton sends a high voltage of electricity through the attacker’s body that impedes their muscles’ function. This renders them immobile and affords the victim time to get to safety. This tool will have the desired effect regardless of the attacker’s size or the body part that it comes in contact with. In addition to ease of use and reliability, an added benefit of a stun baton is that it is ultimately harmless on several levels. First, all models come with safety features to make certain that the tool will not be activated accidentally. The user will never receive a shock themselves even if they are in contact with the attacker through water or physical contact. Finally, stun guns are even safe for the attacker. Although strong enough to immobilize them, the current is not strong enough to leave permanent damage. A stun gun shock baton not harms the heart or other organs and does not create any other lasting effects. In the realm of stun guns, there are is a wide variety of products including cell phone stun guns, mini stun guns, and flashlight stun guns.


Why You Buy From Us:
Action India Home Products deals in various spy stun guns in India. Police Stun Baton is one of most powerful with long range weapon for women safety & security. We are always believed in the quality of the product rather than quantity. Our products are available at very cheap prices online and offline from our website of spy stores or showrooms. You can easily buy Police Stun Baton in Delhi at very low prices.


Included Package:
1 Police Stun Baton
1 Charger 


1. Where Police Stun Baton available at cheap prices?
Ans. Police Stun Baton at cheap Prices available on Action India Home Products.
2. Is Police Stun Baton useful for females?
Ans. absolutely, police stun baton is a great safety device for ladies in India. 
3. is Police Stun Baton comes with wires?
Ans. No Police Stun Baton Device comes wireless features. You can easily carry this device.


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