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Non Lethal Self Defense Electric Taser Gun

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What is Non-Lethal Self Defense Electric Taser Gun?
Electric Taser Gun is used for Protection by the armed forces, police or women, especially during tough situations. The Taser Guns is integrated with a variety of advanced technologies, skills, physical self-defense, but also in active attacks within 5 meters. The Taser Gun is made up of several parts, the gun, the compositions of the transmitter and the laser sight. The Taser gun produces 80KV high voltage, through laser targeting, press the launch button on the gun, launchers fired two probes hit the target out- put of 80KV high voltage.

Keep away the attacker !
TASER Gun cum Stun Gun with Laser Sight Set + 3 Air Cartridges
Power 4.8V rechargeable battery
Output Voltage 80KV
NET Weight 0.19KG
Launched from within 5 meters (2.5 meters to 3 meters best)
Electric shock to extend the time for 30 seconds
Effect of about 1 inch arc through clothing
Needle length 9MM
This product can only use the machine matching charger.
The charger into 220V power outlet, insert the plug into the host jack, charging 8 to 10 hours. The first half when not in charge. 

Features of Non-Lethal Self Defense Electric Taser Gun:
Using Non-Lethal Self Defence Electric Stun Gun gives one an edge over others. The thing that seems impossible to be done with bare hands can easily execute with the help of such gears. Those who are planning different kinds of products available in the market, so you must make a careful choice from the options in hand. The military surplus Taser Gun that is available in the market nowadays is designed according to the specification from the clients can rest assured about their quality and performances. A Good Taser Gun is one that is easy to wear, customizable, lightweight and functional. That is why research is always on to come up with new Taser Gun or to improve the existing ones. 

Use of Non-Lethal Self Defense Electric Taser Gun:
The Objective of using such high volt Lethal Self Defence Gun weapon is to fight dangerous situations with much-needed confidence. Such gear proves very handy in challenging situations and is also worn by adventure lovers, women, campers, security personnel, sportsmen and other people. Functionality is the main reason why such stun gun is used. These items give the wearer the confidence to face tricky situations effectively. 

Why You Buy From US:
One of the most important features of most powerful, high quality & long range rechargeable Non-Lethal Self Defense Electric Taser Gun is that they are now available online. As a result, buyers can easily find what they want over the internet. You can easily buy Electric Taser Gun from Action India Home Products, Online, and offline and cheap prices. The main advantage of order online

Package Included:
1 Taser Gun with laser light and built in charger
1 Nylon holster
1 Charging Cord
3 Cartridges 

1. Will Non-Lethal Self Defense Electric Taser Gun protects me from attacker?
Ans. Yes you can secure yourself by using this device. 
2. Where to buy best Non-Lethal Self Defense Electric Taser Gun in Delhi.
Ans. You can buy Non-Lethal Self Defense Electric Taser Gun in Delhi from Action India Home Products online and offline.
3. Can we buy Non-Lethal Self Defense Electric Taser Gun at affordable price in India?
Ans. Yes, you can buy Non-Lethal Self Defense Electric Taser Gun FROM us at affordable prices. We produced more qualitative and cheaper prices products rather than other Stun Gun sellers like; Flipkart, EBAY, Shop Clues, Amazon or Naaptol.

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