Lipstick Stun Gun

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1. Source voltage       -  3600 KV

2. Rechargeable         - Yes

3. Size                        -  5 Inches x 1 Inch

4. Built-In Flashlight   - Yes

5. Color                      - Black


NOTE: PLEASE CHARGE STUN GUN FOR 3 to 5 HOURS when you receive it. It will not operate properly until fully charged. It should be charged 2 - 3 times per month


Very High Voltage Shock (Non Lethal – NO PERMANENT DAMAGE or INJURY)


Sufficient power shocks of 1-2 seconds are enough to stun an attacker







What is Lipstick Stun Gun?

We have launched a newly Lipstick Stun gun to the people. We cannot carry guns for security purpose as it is illegal and many gun enforcement laws coming up and even if you get to have the possession of guns you need a license which is a strenuous task to get and would burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore, keeping in mind all the restrictions we have launched stun guns in India for the safety purpose of women. Safety and surveillance are the need of the hour hence they are of utmost priority that should be taken care of. It is not like that it can be used only by law enforcement agencies as the name suggests but can be used by anyone including you. Stun Gun is a type of a self-defense weapon which is used for security to safeguard one from any type of trouble. 


Features of Lipstick Stun Gun:

Ideal Device for open carry, the "hidden in plain sight" design lets you keep this device ready in hand while walking in high-risk areas. The crackling from this cleverly disguised stun gun might just be enough to scare away anyone trying to do you harm. If not, this small and easily carried item puts out a stunning 350,000 volts which will jolt an attacker to his senses... if he has any left after the charge! Includes 2 LED flashlight, integrated charger, and safety pin. 


Use of Lipstick Stun Gun:

Women who live in different states away from families due to work and sometimes have to travel alone at night so their security is of top priority which concerns everyone. So they can now get rid of the fear as we have launched most powerful, high quality and long range rechargeable stun guns for female safety. Unlike the conventional guns, stun guns are not heavy but compact which you can carry along with yourself anywhere without any impediment. Anyone can use it as it is not heavy like normal guns perhaps it is so light that it can be fitted into bags, vehicles. 


Why You Buy From Us:

The device is also known as high volt electric shock gun as it induces electric shock in the body of the attacker as soon as that person is attacked with stun gun leaving that person unconscious for approximately few minutes or hours and meanwhile the time that person lays unconscious you can escape and seek help. In many countries, law enforcement agencies are allowed to use this gun and to maintain peace and harmony among people and society. You can buy Lipstick Self Defense Stun Gun in India from Our Security Products Shop at very low prices. Girls in Delhi can buy Stun Guns in Delhi too from online or they can direct visit to its various dealer's shop.


Package Included:

1 Lipstick Stun Gun

1 User manual

1 Charger



1. Is Lipstick Stun Gun looks like a normal lipstick of females?

Ans. Yes, this device looks like or normal lipstick of females.

2. Is Lipstick Stun Gun available anywhere in India?

Ans. Yes, you can buy Lipstick Stun Gun anywhere in India.

3. Where to buy Lipstick Stun Gun for Safety at a cheap price?

Ans. You can buy Lipstick Stun Gun from Security Products Store online and offline. 

4. What Should Stun Gun I Buy? 

Buy Lipstick Stun Gun for your security purpose online and offline.

5. What is Stun Gun Voltage best? 

There are many types of stun gun comes in different voltage. You can buy any stun gun as your need or interest. 

6. What is the Strongest Stun Gun? 

Lipstick Stun Gun is the Strongest Stun.


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