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Cell Phone Type Stun Gun

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1. Source voltage       -  2500 KV

2. Rechargeable         - Yes

3. Size                        -  2.4 x 5.3x 12 cm

4. Built-In Flashlight   - Yes

5. Color                      - Black


NOTE: PLEASE CHARGE STUN GUN FOR 3 to 5 HOURS when you receive it. It will not operate properly until fully charged. It should be charged 2 - 3 times per month


Very High Voltage Shock (Non Lethal – NO PERMANENT DAMAGE or INJURY)


Sufficient power shocks of 1-2 seconds are enough to stun an attacker







What is Self Defense Cell Phone?

Mobile Stun Gun which has a unique design that gives you an advantage unlike any other type of self-defence weapon on the market today. Self Defense Cell Phone Stun Gun in India is definitely one of the best self-defense weapons created for the personal protection of our time. The Self Defense Mobile Phone Stun Gun can be said to be a disguised stun gun because it looks like a normal mobile phone so when one is attacked by it the person will not even have an idea about that it is a stun gun and will not take any protective measures so it will be quite easy to attack someone who is going to hurt you as it is powerful enough to make a person lie unconscious for half an hour. 


Features of Self Defense Cell Phone:

The Mobile Stun Gun has a power of 250,000 volts. The devices come with a stun gun, charger box, belt holster and user manual. It is a rechargeable stun gun disguised as a cell phone to create a low-key and unnoticeable appearance for personal protection. The attacker won’t even notice that you have a powerful self-defense weapon in your hand and ready to use. 


Use of Self-Defense Cell Phone:

A cell Phone Stun gun is a device which is used to temporarily injure an attacker; Attacker is not seriously injured after the attack. It just gets an electric shock. After the shock Attacker is faint for several minutes. Because of the low amperage, no serious injury is inflicted. It is a self-defence item which is especially for women. This device is also called EDM or Electromagnetic Device. Stun gun brings a high voltage which result person is quickly faint for around 25 or more minutes. And it takes low electric charge. This device is very easy to use, there is no need to anyone coordinator you how it works. In India Stun gun is legal for ladies safety motive. A stun gun is 100% legal in many countries. But some of the countries is banned this device for public use.


Why you buy From Us:

Action India Home Products deals in Spy Devices for last 20 years. We provide the best Device for Spy purpose to our clients. Our Spy Devices are easily available at very cheap prices and at heavy discounts. We produced best quality products in the Spy Market. You can easily buy Cell Phone Self Defense Stun Gun in Delhi from Action India Home Products via Online or Offline. 


Package Included:

1 Self Defense Cell Phone

1 Charger

1 User Manual 


1. Who can use Cell Phone Stun Gun in India?

Ans. anyone for security use cell phone stun gun in India. Cell Phone Stun Gun for girls, wife, women, working women, animals, dogs, BPO Employees, Night Travelers or college girls is very useful devices.

2. What is the Power of Cell Phone Stun Gun?

Ans. The Power of Mobile Stun Gun is 250000 volts.

3. Is Stun Gun looks like a phone?

Ans. Yes, mobile phone stun gun in India looks like a phone.


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